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The current time is witnessing an increasing trend towards e-marketing, which has become the most important effective means in reaching a larger customer base, as many companies have recently moved towards the electronic market to take advantage of the many capabilities and features that build direct communication channels with customers whose focus is trust and whose goal is to develop brands in line with consumer expectations. With the rapid development of markets, there have become great competitive standards and indeed a new reality in the business world that motivates companies to think about effective development plans that put them at the forefront. Our team at Skype helps you prepare and implement innovative and creative marketing plans that double your brand growth in local, regional and global markets. Because we always believe that success begins with one step and the first steps with strong companies that always lead to continuous and escalating successes

Work values in scape

  • Credibility in dealing and transparency.
  • Professional services of high quality.
  • An experienced and professional team.
  • Provide efficient and excellent services to our customers
  • Compliance with the deadlines for completing work to the fullest.
  • Provide competitive pricing
  • Leave good effects - through our dealings - in the hearts of our customers.
  • Flexibility to speak with the customer.


Activation and marketing of social media accounts

Presenting an account plan, preparing textual content, creative designs, photography / videos, managing accounts, activating ads, and preparing reports

Filmmaking and photography

Motion graphics and videos

Organizing events

Designing and marketing, designing and making films, activating and managing accounts for the event

Brand building and development

Prepare ideas and design the identity of the company

Websites and applications

Interface design and programming

How to overcome obstacles and start a distinguished work?


We analyze the current situation to see the penetration of communication channels, we examine the content and method of publication, then we analyze competitors and customer segments to find out the appropriate marketing tools for each segment


We build a marketing plan based on the outputs of the analysis of the current situation and from the understanding of the strategic direction of the organization, which also reflects the strategic direction and aspirations of the client to be achieved


We develop operational plans, then build measurement indicators and content plans, design a user decision journey, and end with scheduling marketing communication


Marketing tools appropriate to target groups are designed with KPIs working indicators including content plans and periodically evaluated.

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